Portfolio & Sample Work

It's hard to provide a true portfolio of my work, as

  • I often work on private "back-office" or administration applications.
  • I'm often not responsable for the design, but the programming and technical implementation
  • The copyright for source code now belongs to the client.
That said, here's some samples:

  • Studi-Lektor

    I worked on the back-end CRM, custom task management system, invoicing & billing system, CMS and Paypal integration.
    Studi-Lektor (German)

  • Delivery System Demo

    Web-based database application for a delivery system. Concurrent users, multiple user types, complex business logic, AJAX interface components.

    Login with the username admin, password admin.
    Delivery Database System Demo

  • Real Time Graphing Widget Demo

    A quick sample of a graphing component - no browser plugins required. Uses AJAX to automatically update every couple of seconds.
    Graphing Component