Web Development with PHP and mySQL

I'm an experienced web developer/programmer, usually developing applications in PHP & mySQL. You can learn more about me here.

Recent Articles

  • Database Design for Web Applications

    Designing the database for a web application is critical. Get it right at the beginning, and everything will run smoothly/smoother. Discover you need to change the structure half-way through a project, and it's a nightmare. The theory on rela...

  • Launching a New Website

    As part of a project, I'm sometimes required to help launch a new website that I've helped create. Even if as a developer you're not responsible for promotion, you still need to take care of the technical things such as correct meta-tags in dynamic pa...

  • 7 Deadly Web Design Sins

    A subjective list of things not to implement in a web design. When The Stars Are Right Designs Websites that say something along Best viewed at 1024x768, in IE 6.105, with one eye squinting, and when Saturn is conjunct...